Fundraising to support your local NHS

Supporting the patients and staff of East
Sussex Healthcare NHS trust

Fundraising to support your local NHS

Supporting the patients and staff of East
Sussex Healthcare NHS trust

How You Can Help

Fundraising can be so much fun and very rewarding

There are a myriad of ways that you can raise funds for our charity. In the past we’ve had patients, family or friends take on personal challenges. Please do set yourself goals that will stretch but not harm your well being and always take your GP’s advice if it involves strenuous exercise especially if you are a recovering patient.

London Marathon

A Personal challenge

Craig raised over £1,000 running the London Marathon this year for our local NHS Trust after the amazing work they did, providing critical care for Ruth when she developed double pneumonia and Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) after catching Covid in March 2020.

Extremely sick and with a low percentage of survival, Ruth entered the Conquest Hospital at a time where everyone was scared of what the Covid virus could do.  Within hours, she was placed on a ventilator and treated with such amazing care and dedication, despite the fears the staff must have had at the time for their own safety.  After two long weeks, Ruth was able to return home.  

Without their clinical intervention, Ruth would not be here today.  The Trust continues to support Ruth with her ongoing battle against Long Covid and all that it brings. 

Any means nessessary

Something a little extreme

In the past we have recieved overwhelming support from our fundraisers which include coastal walks, 1/2 and full marathons, laps of the local pool to even swimming the English Channel.

Looking for something a bit more extreme to test your nerve? Our other popular fundraises include: bungee jumping, abseiling and skydiving.

Something a little different

Cake and Bake for East Sussex Healthcare NHS

If strenuous exercise is out, how about running a Cake and Bake Show (you can get lots of ideas from the big Cake and Bake Shows  ) Coffee morning and jumble sales as well as organising events and running tournaments for others to sponsor or enter.

Whatever it is you decide to do we can help with tips and advice, leaflets and sponsorship forms, collection tins, social media promotions, fundraiser pages and much more.

Do get in touch and tell us of your idea. Our email is


When you help us by fundraising we’ll do our best to support and advise you throughout.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Charity is registered with the UK Fundraising regulator and abides by their guidelines and best practice. We are happy to advise and guide you on how to get the most out of your fundraising ideas. We can provide support with collection tins, event posters, blank sponsorship forms and much more.

We are also on JustGiving which makes it easy to fundraise with a linked JustGiving donation page. We can show you how. 

As a registered Charity we can boost your efforts and provide you with the forms to claim 25% extra  through Gift Aid.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Charity gratefully receives donations that enhance facilities, equipment and services provided by East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust for patients, visitors and staff.